Mrs Melodrama Mama is a new literary, artsy DIY & lifestyle blog featuring rare stories of fiction, nonfiction, poetry & more for avid readers, new bloggers, beginning writers, aspiring authors, fine artists & other creative enthusiasts to enjoy. It’ll also include tutorials on painting, crafting, sewing, cooking & natural hair styling for naturally curly hair.

My name is Melody Cole-Gates, I’m mother to my four heartbeats, wife to my handsome hubby and a professional artist for over 11 years from Dayton, Ohio.


Recently, I created Mrs Melodrama Mama as a place where I can share my short stories, poems, writing endeavors and insight into my first novel without causing confusion on my artist pages. This Fall, I’ll be taking Creative Writing classes at our local college, so stayed tuned for vibrant pics and posts about my class assignments, notes, ideas, tips and other school related topics. Also fun snippets of my family life.

I’m glad I had the chance to blog about my artwork in the past, it made blogging so much easier for me this time around. As an artist who loves to write, I utilized my creative writing skills by crafting my own artist bio, artist statement, product descriptions and most of the content on my websites, social media pages and Etsy shop. In 2014, I ran my own small art studio gallery downtown as a pop up shop and gained plenty of promotional writing experience there. I’m also honored to have written website content, marketing materials and memorandum for a few startups in town. Currently, I  have the pleasure of working with a local small business to manage their social media accounts.

I love reading, writing, painting, purple prose, taco Tuesdays, dancing, singing, making cookies, black and white movies, spending quality time with my kids and romantic date nights with hubby. I hate brussel sprouts, chain letters and waiting in long lines.

me and kids

I hope Mrs Melodrama Mama can be that place where you’ll want to visit often -to sip your morning coffee, nibble on your lunch or cozy up with after a hard days work- you’re welcome to stop by anytime to enjoy unique, interesting and diverse stories from my imagination and beyond. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me, I’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

xoxo melody

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