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When was the last time you read a remarkable blog post, news feed or article that left you feeling


When was the last time you read a remarkable blog post, news feed or article that left you feeling motivated, wanting more or just plain smarter than before you clicked the link? Like some of you, I’ve read (and seen) quite a few interesting articles online that made me feel more inclined to hit the like button, subscribe, share, comment, connect, buy or DIY something new. Since starting my blog, May 2017, I wondered how could “Mrs Melodrama Mama” get in on some of that creative interaction, lol? After doing some intuitive thinking and a little research on ‘how to blog successfully’… I found out these five simple tips to attract, engage, intrigue, motivate and cultivate your new blog which will in turn inspire like-minded people across the world to follow your path.

  1. Successful bloggers know how to attract readers. You can attract readers by including a relatable, but catchy title at the head of your post. Also, people love to see pictures, so be sure to upload a captivating photo that really relays what your story is all about. Then hook them with an attention-grabbing intro and a great story.
  2. Successful bloggers know how to keep the audience engaged. One way to keep your audience engaged is to write about topics that you’re interested in or passionate about. You’ll want to keep your grammar fresh, smooth and error free. Soon, you’ll attract like-minded people to your blog like bees to honey, who’ll want to read, like, follow and share your work whole-heartedly. 
  3. Successful bloggers gain new followers by keeping their posts consistent and interesting. To gain new followers, you’ll have to do a little self-promoting to get that big beautiful blog you just created out into the world. The best place to shamelessly promote your blog for free is on social media, but don’t overdo it. Share your link with family, friends and followers and ask them nicely to check out your new blog and pass it on if they’d like. Be consistent with your blog and choose a posting schedule you can adhere to, so readers know when to expect your updates. To keep folks interested over time, just be yourself when you write, write what you want to write and how you want to write it. I know…I know… but yea… how’s that saying go, “It’s better to be yourself, than a copy of someone else” (err something like that).
  4. Most importantly, successful bloggers have a niche blog. A niche blog is a blog created for a special purpose to promote one type of subject which may motivate others. For example, if you’re an artist, you could make your blog all about making your art, post behind the scene pics from local events you attend, or write about how to become an artist or how to make a certain piece and other hot art topics. There are tons of ideas out there. You just have to utilize them.
  5. Lastly, to have a successful blog, you must define what a successful blog looks like to YOU. What do you want to get out of it? What is your end goal? What do you want others to know…to teach them? For me, as a new writer, a successful blog would entail a devoted network full of avid readers, writers, editors, teachers, artists, students and other creatives who are genuinely inspired, supportive and helpful. 

I hope these five simple tips will help you create a successful blog that will attract, engage, intrigue, motivate and cultivate an audience who’s more geared towards your specific content. My vision for this blog, is to share my creative writing endeavors, short stories, poem, lyrics (maybe) and give some insight into my novel that I’m currently working, including my writing process, helpful tips and inspiration. I’ll also share some of my artwork and photos and I’m even thinking about doing some DIY’s videos on the weekend and so much more. 

Do you have any helpful blogging tips that you’d like to share? Or did you find this information useful? If so, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Author: Melody Cole-Gates

My name is Melody, I'm a wife, mom and aspiring author writing literary fiction novels, real life short stories, dramatic poems and creative biz articles. I also paint pictures!

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