Fulfill Your Purpose

“Fulfill your purpose first by worshipping God, then be fruitful in every other area of your life. Such as using your gifts to bless others, being excellent at work and touching the lives of the people around you. Multiply good works, so that others around you can see them and glorify our Father in heaven.”

i do not remember who wrote the words quoted above or where i even read it, but a long time ago, i wrote it down (paraphrased i think) on a piece of paper and from time to time while rambling through old unfinished manuscripts, i may come across this small tattered note as it touches my heart and caresses my soul like it did today :), i urge you who is reading this to receive this message, utilize your talents and pass the knowledge on.

thank you for reading! follow my blog to get a heads up on what i post next…see what i did there.

peace, love & melodrama

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Author: Melody Cole-Gates

My name is Melody, I'm a wife, mom and aspiring author writing literary fiction novels, real life short stories, dramatic poems and creative biz articles. I also paint pictures!

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